Dental Clinic: From Finding a Property to the Grand Opening


After signing or buying a new property, all dentists will need to go through a very similar process until their clinic grand opening.  Should you require any assistance with any of the following work or would like to take advantage of our network of professionals in the Ontario dental industry, please contact our office’s sales team.  This list assumes that the property does not require a change of zoning, site plan approval, or a change-of-use application through the city, and is appropriate for the construction of your dental clinic.

  1. Select a professional dental supplier who will provide you with the following:
  1. Assist you in selecting your dental equipment/cabinetry
  2. Produce a layout of your clinic that maximizes your workflow requirements
  3. Provide you with a full dental technical set of drawings which, in addition to the layout include, partition plan showing lead wall locations, electrical plan, air/vacuum plan, water/drain plans, equipment installation/support details
  4. Assist you in your application to the Ministry of Health for Radiation Approval
  5. Supply and install your dental equipment at the end of the construction process
  1. Select a Dental I.T. company who will supply and install all of your I.T./Communications infrastructure, audio-visual infrastructure, security infrastructure and all associated low-voltage wiring. It is important that the I.T. company be on board at an early stage so they can provide their input during the design process.
  2. Once your dental supplier’s full dental technical set is complete, you will need an interior designer and professional engineer (collectively called the “design team”) to produce your drawings. In a design-build contract setting, this work can be completed by your contractor. The design team should produce at least 2 sets of drawings for the clinic which are:
  1. The Permit Set of drawings (used for applying for a permit)
  2. The Tender/Construction Set of drawings (used for pricing and constructing the clinic)
  1. Once the Permit Set of Drawings and the Ministry of Health Radiation Approval are completed, it is time to apply for a building permit.  Fill the city forms and submit, along with the Permit Set of drawings and the Radiation Approval to the building department of the city in which the property is located.  The city staff will require several weeks to review your documentation.  If all documentation is in order, you will receive a building permit.
  2. Once you have received a building permit, you can begin construction. Your Dental Supplier, I.T. team and contractor must coordinate and work together to deliver your clinic.  Once your clinic is completed and the city inspectors change your permit status to “occupancy”, you are ready to open your clinic.

Important note: Items 1 to 4 above, do not require you to have access to your property on a continuous basis.  At most, your team will require only several visits to the property. The financially prudent method of planning your future clinic is to organize your purchase or lease agreement so that item #5 above can begin at approximately the same time you take possession of your space. This way minimize the payment of unnecessary lease or mortgage interest payments.

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