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Acecon was started by 3 partners with years of experience in the construction industry in large projects with portfolios totalling hundreds of millions of dollars, and with educational backgrounds in engineering and science from reputable Canadian universities.

The company was founded in January of 2013 and began by constructing restaurants for one of Canada's largest restaurant chains.  Having completed many restaurant projects in high-profile malls and plazas, Acecon was noticed by clients in the time-critical, and highly complex healthcare market.  

By 2016, Acecon became one of the most prolific contractors in the construction of new healthcare spaces and was regularly recommended to clients by experts in the healthcare industry, with some projects being featured in industry publications such as Oral Health, Ontario Medical Review.

Through recommendation of designers and architects, Acecon later expanded to the construction of educational and professional spaces, completing daycares, school/college/library projects, and law offices.

Today, Acecon primarily focuses on construction projects ranging from simple interior fit-ups to more complex projects involving structural and shell building construction and site work, providing project delivery methods such as design-build, lump-sum, and construction management to clients.
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